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Express 9 Seater mini bus


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  You can find some useful informations on following websites.

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New Zealand Weather                   ; www.metservice.co.nz

       Events in NZ                              ; www.eventfinder.co.nz

       News                                         ; www.nzherald.co.nz

       Foreign Exchange                   ; www.xe.com

       Maps NZ                                   ; www.wises.co.nz

       Auckland Airport                      ; www.auckland-airport.co.nz

       Custom NZ                                 ; www.customs.govt.nz

       Immigration NZ                         ; www.immigration.govt.nz 

       Accommodation in NZ               ; www.travelbug.co.nz
      Flight Informations                       ; Arrivals/Departures 

      Distance & Travel Time                : aatravel.co.nz

      Between two Cities of NZ   

22 Seater luxury Bus
Bus Hino Colered.bmp
6 Seater Express Luxury


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